Trevor Contois

Soli Remote Instructor

Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Music Production

Trevor specializes in advanced drums, bass guitar, keyboards, music theory and audio production. Trevor has professional experience in nearly every aspect of his craft, and his goals as an instructor center around encouraging students to find passion and excitement for their instrument and musical interests.  Trevor is the founder of Soli Music, Inc.

Dave Contois

Soli Remote Instructor

Piano, IT Development and Administration

Dave has been involved in the music business since 1971.  After attending Berklee College of Music, Dave began pursing integrating music education and technology at Contois Music, LLC.  The school evolved into one of the most innovative music schools merging traditional instruction methods with the use of the latest technology.  Dave now teaches and handles all the administration for Soli Music.

Kaylee Contois

Soli Remote Instructor

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals

Kaylee has a degree from Berklee College of Music and specializes in beginning piano, guitar, vocals and music production. She teaches music at other various schools throughout the area.  

Thom Carvey

Soli Remote Instructor

Bass Guitar, Saxophone

Thom Carvey is a multi-instrumentalist who has been perfecting his various crafts over the years in the music scenes all around the United States. He has had a great passion for music since he started playing at a young age and still continues to build his knowledge of music, never settling with what is viewed as common knowledge.  Catch Thom performing with various bands around Vermont including Trevor Contois & Friends.

Isabella Dunn

Soli Remote Instructor

Piano, Vocals

Isabella is a recent graduate of Essex High School where she was a prominent member of the music and theater community. She has been singing with family and friends as long as she can remember. She pursued music through all her years in school so far. Now, she wants to share her love for music with all her students! In the future, she plans to learn more about her voice so she can teach others about theirs. 

Zac Burns

Soli Remote Instructor

Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Music Production

Zac is a recent graduate from Mount Mansfield Union High School and is now studying Music Production and Technology at The Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut. He began writing and performing music at a young age, and now has multiple albums and EPs across streaming platforms. He is a tenor in L'Shir A Cappella, an award winning group out of West Hartford, and enjoys connecting with musicians everywhere. Although production is his main focus, he enjoys singing, playing piano, guitar, and ukulele. 

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