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Soli Remote Learning

Soli Music is ready for remote learning.  We use Google Classroom and the full suite of Google Workspace apps including Google Meet to provide remote instruction for our students.  It's way more than just video conferencing!  We can provide assignments, sheet music, MP3 tracks, quizzes, homework, videos, and more along with weekly video remote learning sessions.  

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Vocals,

Saxophone and Music Production


Weekly remote lesson with a "Live Instructor"!

Google Workspace for Education/Business
Soli Music takes security and privacy seriously.  We provide each of our Soli Remote Learning Students with an Google Workspace account.  This assures secure communication with Google Meet and access to all of our exclusive Soli Digital Media Content.

Google Workspace.jpg
dgx-apps.png domain authorized by public School Disctricts
More and more public school disctricts are authorizing our students to add their Google Workspace account to their school provided chromebooks.  Essex Westford School District, South Burlington School District, Colchester School Disctrict, and more.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom App provides access to online assignments, videos, and more and students can even submit homework.  What's great about this platform is most Grade 5-12 students are already familiar with the interface and technology.  For younger students, parents can supervise and teach the student technology that they will soon be seeing in their school, all on their own account.

Online Theory Programs and Apps. is an online theory program with numerous lessons and exercises to help students with note recognition, ear training, scales, and much more.  We provide custom links to these sites within our student assignments.  Apps are also available, and we include access to these apps with your monthly tuition. 

theory lessons.png

Soli Music curriculum from Hal Leonard, Berklee College of Music, and more!

We use the latest instructional method books at Soli Music.  Most of the method books have MP3 audio tracks to practice along with.  This provides for more productive practice and obviously it's more fun and musical.


Digital Media, Performance Tracks, Custom Lead Sheets, Video Content, and more!

We've been compiling our digital library for over 20 years. Digital Sheet Music on-demand, custom professional lead sheets by Soli Music using Sibelius software, custom audio tracks and mixes for practicing and performance, and a huge library of instructional videos not found on YouTube.


Lead Sheets with Performance Tracks

Here at Soli Music our students and instructors have access to thousands of downloadable sheet music charts for all instruments and best of all we can provide custom professional charts to our students using Sibelius software.  MP3 Performance tracks are provided along with these professional charts.  It's important  that students learn the correct versions of any song they want to learn, and at Soli, we're committed to this providing high-quality content and media.

Soli Remote Learning


30 minute Weekly Remote Video Session

*60 minute sessions available.


Soli Google Workspace Account

Google Classroom

Soli Digital Media

The Remote Learning Advantage

Benefits of Remote Learning

  • No travel time.

  • Students learn in their own home environment on their own instrument.

  • 24/7 access to Google Classroom assignments and Soli Digital Media.

  • Safe environment, no mask or covid restrictions.

  • Students receive their own Google Workspace Account

  • Access to Soli Digital Media (Digital Sheet Music, Custom Charts, Audio Tracks, Videos, and more)

  • Additional programs available such as SoundTrap, Noteflight, Sibelius, and more.

  • Subscription account options like Fender Play, GuitarInstructor, FlowKey, and more.

  • All Google Workspace accounts managed by Soli Music for privacy and security.

  • Google WorkSpace Accounts can be added to school provided Chromebooks that are authorized by Chittenden County school districts. (EWSD, Colchester, South Burlington, and more)

The Soli Music Remote Learning Advantage

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