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Soli Singers Pricing

One 45 minute class per week


$39.00/month *with private lesson enrollment

Grades K-5


$49.00/month *with private lesson enrollment

Grades 6 and above

Join one of our singing groups and become a Soli Singer! To be a Soli Singer means to experience new music alongside other passionate vocalists. Separately the groups will explore music appropriate for their age group and start to expand their technical knowledge. After all, music is a universal language we should all learn!


K-3: For singers in first through 3rd grade! With this section of the Soli Singers we’ll be exploring singing together as a group with some solo opportunities. Together we will gain basic knowledge of what music looks, sounds, and feels like. This is a fantastic way to introduce any young singer into the world of music!


Intermediate: For singers in 4th and 5th grade! Together we’ll start to read music in 2 parts. These young singers will begin to recognize simple rhythms and notes. Using this knowledge we’ll apply it to the pieces we’re practicing.

Middle: For Middle School Singers! In this group, we will continue to review beginner music knowledge and start to identify more complex rhythms and notes. Everyone will learn how to read treble and bass clef so we all have a better understanding of each other’s voice part. The genres of music we will work on range from pop acapella arrangements to choral pieces rich with harmonies. This section is meant to challenge our singers and prepare them for high school and beyond!