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Trevor specializes in advanced drums, bass guitar, keyboards, music theory and audio production. Trevor has professional experience in nearly every aspect of his craft, and his goals as an instructor center around encouraging students to find passion and excitement for their instrument and musical interests.  Trevor is the founder of Soli Music, Inc.

Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Music Production, Soli Bands, Artist Program

Trevor Contois

Dave has been involved in the music business since 1971.  After attending Berklee College of Music, Dave began pursing integrating music education and technology at Contois Music, LLC.  The school evolved into one of the most innovative music schools merging traditional instruction methods with the use of the latest technology.  Dave now teaches and handles all the administration for Soli Music.

Piano, Administrator

Dave Contois


Kaylee has a degree from Berklee College of Music and specializes in beginning piano, guitar, vocals and music production. She teaches music at other various schools throughout the area.  

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals, Soli Kids

Kaylee Contois

David Amouretti is a senior at Essex High School and plans to pursue music at Boston Conservatory.  He is proficient at both bass and guitar and has been playing both since the 7th grade.  He has a passion for music education and teaches all ages, currently ranging from 7-16.  His method of teaching combines traditional technique work along with learning your favorite songs.

Guitar, Bass, Soli Bands

David Amouretti

Thom Carvey is a multi-instrumentalist who has been perfecting his various crafts over the years in the music scenes all around the United States. He has had a great passion for music since he started playing at a young age and still continues to build his knowledge of music, never settling with what is viewed as common knowledge.  Catch Thom performing with various bands around Vermont including Trevor Contois & Friends.

Bass Guitar, Saxophone

Thom Carvey


Elizabeth has been playing piano since she was 5 years old. She graduated from the University of a Tampa with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, concentrating in piano. She has sang in countless choirs from elementary school through college, and was the jazz pianist in the University of Tampa Jazz Band. She is currently the Music Director for Williston Central School's Drama Department, and Accompanist for Ascension Lutheran Church's Adult Choir. She enjoys teaching and sharing her love of all kinds of music with her students.

Piano, Vocals

Elizabeth Dillon

Ryan is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma where he studied guitar and songwriting. After exploring the music scenes in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, he decided to make the move to Vermont in 2017 after having gigged in Burlington on tour. Over the last eight years he's performed all over the United States with various bands, most notably at Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2011 and 2012 with his former band, The Blind Woods. Ryan specializes in guitar, bass, and beginning piano. He performs regularly in the greater Burlington area and can't wait to teach you whatever you want to learn

Guitar, Vocals, Banjo

Ryan Duchene


Isabella is a recent graduate of Essex High School where she was a prominent member of the music and theater community. She has been singing with family and friends as long as she can remember. She pursued music through all her years in school so far. Now, she wants to share her love for music with all her students! In the future, she plans to learn more about her voice so she can teach others about theirs. 

Piano, Vocals, Soli Kids

Isabella Dunn

Isaac is a native of Essex, VT and a student at the University of Vermont. 
Isaac grew up around music, and specializes in guitar and beginning piano/keyboards, and drums.
He has been writing music since age 14. Isaac looks forward to sharing his passion for music to all our beginning students at Soli Music. In college, Isaac is interested in psychology and business. He trades stock in his free time, and loves to study market psychology.

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Soli Bands

Isaac Kranz

Profile-Tyler Lucey.jpg

Tyler is a graduate of Saint Michael’s College, where he studied music and political science. He teaches guitar, piano, voice, drums and occasionally cello. He has been with the Contois/Soli family since 2014. 

Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Drums, Cello

Tyler Lucey


Jack Snyder is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, originally from Woodstock, VT.  He began as a drummer at age eight, and continued playing gigs outside of school and in the high school jazz band.  Jack emerged as a vocalist in his sophomore year of high school and began writing, recording and gigging as a guitarist and vocalist. He was accepted on scholarship to the Berklee college of music in 2013.  After attending Berklee as a Contemporary Writing and Production major, he began releasing original music using the name Leyeux. He has released two albums: one in collaboration with Adrian Harpham (of NYC) on “Day Is Calling”, and another with Shao Jean (of LA) on “Awaken.”  Jack is currently finishing his degree in Music Education at the University of Vermont, and continues to write and perform.

Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Music Production, Artist Program

Jack Snyder